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  1. Aubrey's 1944 marriage to Phyllis Thaxter ended in divorce.
  2. The Miami Dolphins released linebacker Aubrey Beavers, the team said.
  3. $24 . ) Jack Aubrey's naval ambitions and domestic
  4. The woman had a child Aubrey had raised as his own.
  5. But what will they say about the case of Aubrey Lindo?
  6. It's difficult to find aubrey in a sentence.
  7. Aubrey has been bothered by shoulder injuries the past two seasons.
  8. "There they go ! " whooped Luther Aubrey.
  9. Aubrey's prices are reasonable and the food, fine.
  10. But suddenly Aubrey Reuben, observer, is the thing observed.
  11. Third baseman Aubrey Huff led off with his fifth home run.
  12. One stroke behind the leaders were Emlyn Aubrey and Steve Jones.
  13. Aubrey Smith of New Mexico was second in 45 : 20.
  14. Aubrey Huff and Toby Hall hit home runs for Tampa Bay.
  15. The Underfleet Commander only appears in, voiced by Aubrey Woods.
  16. Aubrey's relationship with Wood was to become increasingly fraught.
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