aubrey hills in a sentence

  1. Wuerffel threw a wide lateral to wide receiver Chris Doering, who then passed to Aubrey Hill for 20 yards.
  2. For Taylor, the play was heartbreaking-- he had to be persuaded to leave the field by teammate Aubrey Hill.
  3. "' Aubrey Hill "'( born February 18, 1972 ) is an American football coach and former player.
  4. Wuerffel could have thrown a short pass over the middle to running back Fred Taylor, but chose to throw to his right toward Aubrey Hill.
  5. Florida State was leading by the margin of a 35-yard Dan Mowrey field goal when Wuerffel struck for a 58-yard bomb to senior Aubrey Hill.
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  7. The "'Aubrey Hills "'in Arizona in the Lower Colorado River Valley corridor are a small, lower elevation, craggy mountain range bordering the southeast side of Lake Havasu.
  8. Fred Taylor made a huge fourth-down conversion at the 31, appearing to be stopped at the line but sliding off for a 2-yard gain, before Spurrier resorted to the real chicanery, having Wuerffel throw a pass-like lateral to Doering, who then threw a real 20-yard pass to Aubrey Hill to the Alabama 2.

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