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  1. Air France general manager Bernard Aubreton said by re-establishing its regional head office in Bangkok, the airline would benefit from not only lower rent but also " substantially competitive " day-to-day operating expenses, along with opportunities to catch the growing inbound tourism markets in both Thailand and Indochina.
  2. The package offers football lovers an opportunity to see 32 of the best teams in the World Cup finals which will take place in France from June 10 to July 12 . The exclusive package includes return airline tickets, accommodation, transfers from the hotel to the stadium and tickets to the opening match, first-round matches, knock-outs, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals . " The demand for tickets is 10 times higher than the actual number of seats and it is very difficult to reserve these tickets outside France, " said Bernard Aubreton, Air France's general manager for Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Laos.
  3. Foreign professors such as Claude L関i-Strauss ( France ), Fernand Braudel ( France ), Roger Bastide ( France ), Robert H . Aubreton ( France ), Heinrich Rheinboldt ( Germany ), Paul Arbousse Bastide ( France ), Jean Mag ( France ), Martial Gueroult ( France ), Emilio Willems ( Germany ), Donald Pierson ( USA ), Gleb Vassielievich Wataghin ( Russia ), Pierre Monbeig ( France ), Giacomo Albanese ( Italy ), Luigi Fantappi?( Italy ), Vil閙 Flusser ( Czech Republic ), Giuseppe Ungaretti ( Italy ) and Herbert Baldus ( Germany ), broadcast in various institutions new standards for teaching and research, creating new generations of scientists in Brazil.
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