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  1. Aubret would return to Eurovision in 1968, finishing third on that occasion.
  2. Aubret was a participant in the French national heats for Eurovision in other years.
  3. Jean Georges : " Parlez-Moi d'Amour, " sung by Isabelle Aubret.
  4. The song was performed eleventh on the night ( following France's Isabelle Aubret with " Congratulations ) ".
  5. Aubret also recorded the song in German, then under the title " Such'mich dort, wo die Sonne scheint ".
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  7. The song was a hit in Hong Kong for Francis Yip and in Canada for Isabelle Aubret under the French title  Je Crois.
  8. At the final, Guy Bonnet won with " Marie-Blanche " over Daniel Beretta and Isabelle Aubret's " Olivier, Olivia ".
  9. Another runner-up spot came Aubret's way in 1970 when she teamed up with Daniel B閞atta for the song " Olivier, Olivia ".
  10. The song deals-unusually for songs at the time, especially in the Contest-with the topic of rape, with Aubret describing such an event in some detail.
  11. The song was performed tenth on the night, following France's Isabelle Aubret with " Un premier amour " and preceding Switzerland's Jean Philippe with " Le retour ".
  12. The French original was covered by Isabelle Aubret, by Les 3 M閚estrels, by Les 6 de Paris ( all 1962 ) and by Paul Piot et son Orchestre ( 1963 ).
  13. The song was performed eighth on the night, following Germany's Conny Froboess with " Zwei kleine Italiener " and preceding France's Isabelle Aubret with " Un premier amour ".
  14. At the close of voting, it had received 13 points, placing 2nd in a field of 16-only half the total of Isabelle Aubret's " Un premier amour " for France.
  15. Among the interpreters of Louki s more than 200 chansons ( besides himself ) were Lucette Raillat, Catherine Sauvage, Francesca Solleville, Isabelle Aubret, Les Fr鑢es Jacques, Juliette Gr閏o, Jean Ferrat, Philippe Clay, Colette Renard, Annie Cordy and Georges Brassens.
  16. Other artists in the event that toured France, Belgium and Switzerland included Sheila ( as main act ) and Isabelle Aubret, Fabienne Thibeault, la Compagnie Cr閛le, Bobby Solo, Frank Alamo, Michel Orso, Marcel Amont, Patrick Juvet, Claude Barzotti, Christian Delagrange and les Charlots.
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