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  1. In March 2015, the court ruled that Chelsea will retain full custody of Aubree.
  2. During the sixth season of the show, Chelsea was in a bitter custody battle with Adam over Aubree.
  3. In the meantime, Mitchell meets Lily's ( Aubrey Anderson-Emmons ) new friend Sydney ( Aubree Young ).
  4. He was accompanied by his wife, Patti; his son, Brett; his daughter, Aubree, and his mother, Gloria.
  5. The voice of the on-board computer was performed by Aubree Anderson, who at the time was a student at Texas Tech University.
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  7. Her 2011 release of the digital single " Low Self Control " was produced by Christopher Doulgeris and the accompanying video was by Doulgeris and Aubree Bernier-Clarke.
  8. The band was started in March 2004 by drummer Vincent Domini ( Menagerie / DJ Automaton ) and guitarist Aubree Bernier-Clarke ( Half-Seas-Over ).
  9. As of February 2016, Adam is no longer seeking joint custody of Aubree, as he hasn't done anything for a year to get more time with her.
  10. Trim and poised as he nears his 46th birthday, but confessing he now has to wear glasses to read, he pulled them out for his affecting speech in which he lauded his mother, wife Patti, daughter Aubree, 12, and towering son Brett, 19.
  11. He is survived by four children : Heather McConnell, Dawn Hazelett, Duncan MacDiarmid and Gail Williams, from their marriage and nine grandchildren : Dr . Sean McConnell, Dr . Ryan McConnell, Rebecca McConnell, Dr . Clayton Hazelett, Wesley Hazelett, Langston MacDiarmid, Aubree Williams, Austin Williams and George Williams.

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