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  1. He had been cared for by Louise Woodward, a British au pair.
  2. An au pair gets between $ 150 to $ 250 a week.
  3. The Au Pair Program is administered by the US Department of State.
  4. There are fourteen sponsoring au pair agencies designated by the State Department.
  5. Some au pairs are now male, but females remain the overwhelming majority.
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  7. An au pair receives an allowance and his / her own room.
  8. In September, the government agency announced stringent new rules for au pairs.
  9. She and her husband, have employed eight au pairs over the years.
  10. The Ramseys and English au pair Louise Woodward supposedly passed lie detector tests.
  11. With three boys, having male au pairs made so much sense.
  12. He also sees the age of au pairs as a plus.
  13. The au pair is then paid a salary of $ 115 a week.
  14. But Gertz has defended the au pair system as a cultural exchange program.
  15. She was placed in the Eappen home by EF Au Pair.
  16. She was brought to Boston by the EF Au Pair agency.
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