au go go in a sentence

  1. Au Go Go was also instrumental in helping these bands tour Australia.
  2. The original Au Go Go release has incorrect track marks.
  3. In Australia, they remained on Au Go Go Records.
  4. However, they soon regrouped and signed with Au Go Go Records in November.
  5. They took the reformed group into the Cafe Au Go Go in the Village.
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  7. EP, through the Au Go Go label.
  8. Their first live performance followed at the Cafe au Go Go in New York City.
  9. The album is out . " as well as the SubPop and Au Go Go logos.
  10. Following the release of Confusion Au Go Go Love Battery remained for the most part quiet.
  11. It was released in November 1993 on the Melbourne-based, independent label Au Go Go Records.
  12. For example, he played it at the Gaslight au Go Go in 1971 and at Carnegie Hall in 1973.
  13. They released an album on Crypt Records in 1994 and a sophomore effort on Au Go Go Records in 1996.
  14. The 7 " vinyl only single  Spent / She Fell was released by Au Go Go Records in 1990.
  15. It was subsequently released by on Au Go Go Records ( ANDA-22 ) under the name Tuff Monks.
  16. It had been released as a single under the band name, Tuff Monks in 1982 on Au Go Go Records.
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