au falcon in a sentence

  1. Unlike the sedan, the AU Falcon utility vehicles were very popular.
  2. Ford introduced the Sapphire shortly after Holden debuted the AU Falcon, a Sapphire II was introduced.
  3. An ex Stone Brothers Racing Ford AU Falcon was purchased for Lowndes to race throughout the Bathurst.
  4. The gamble, which had worked with the Ford Focus, did not particularly endear the AU Falcon to its buyers.
  5. The team entered the V8 series in 2000 after purchasing a Ford AU Falcon and Racing Entitlement Contract from Longhurst Racing.
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  7. Melbourne and Sydney dealership records indicate that 5 SVO AU Falcon was also available with SVO enhancements, including a 185kW 6-cylinder engine.
  8. The following season ( 2002 03 ) he finished 7th in his AU Falcon, again with another podium, this time a second at Manfeild.
  9. Chris Smerdon, a former V8 Supercar driver, was the inaugural series champion, dominating the 2008 series in an ex-Stone Brothers Racing Ford AU Falcon.
  10. The final E-series model, the EL Falcon, was merely a facelift of the EF intended to keep sales strong until the sixth generation AU Falcon was launched.
  11. Grice continued to compete as an endurance co-driver, his last appearance was at the 2002 Bathurst 1000 driving a Ford AU Falcon entered by V8 Ute series team Nilsson Motorsport.
  12. The first major change in the category regulations saw an update in vehicle eligibility for the 2006 season with the Holden VT Commodore and the Ford AU Falcon models added to the field.
  13. In 1992, after a 16-year absence since the last model, the badge resurfaced with the "'GT 25th Anniversary "'model based AU Falcon and Fairlane range.
  14. It found ready acceptance in the market as many buyers steered away from the slow selling Ford AU Falcon, becoming the best selling Commodore to date and cementing its place as number one in Australian sales.
  15. The new-generation AU Falcon was released in 1998 with its range comprising the following models : Fort?( previously GLi ), S, Futura, Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, XR6, XR6 VCT and XR8.
  16. The body of the AU Falcon utility differed in design from the competing Holden Ute in that the cargo tray was separate from the cab, whereas the tray was an integral part of the body shell in the Holden.
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