au fait in a sentence

"au fait" meaning  "au fait" in Chinese  
  1. I'm not really au fait with the BLP rules anymore, sorry.
  2. Meredith was also quite " au fait " with Acol.
  3. They assume that I should be " au fait " with the basics; but I'm not!
  4. He participated in the French Revolution of 1848, was author and editor of'Anarchie, Journal de l'Ordre and Au fait!
  5. It is just that I am not au fait with the ins and outs of wikipedia red-tape, while the administrator is.
  6. It's difficult to find au fait in a sentence.
  7. He participated in the French Revolution of 1848, was author and editor of " Anarchie, Journal de l'Ordre " and " Au fait!
  8. If someone who's " au fait " with the fair use requirements could check the image page to make sure everything is kosher, I'd appreciate it.
  9. I hope someone who is a bit more au fait with the subject will review it too-- talk ) 19 : 18, 8 June 2010 ( UTC)
  10. The latter I may need help for, from admins who are more " au fait " such things ( will a simple redirect do the trick ? ).
  11. I'm not " au fait " enough with our templates and stuff to know how to formally but politely tell this user they need to change their approach.
  12. I don't use STiki or WP : Huggle, so I'm not entirely " au fait " with their workings, but you seem to be doing effective anti-vandal work with them.
  13. But I'm not sufficiently au fait with the procedure or I would have moved it when this was last discussed . talk ) 19 : 25, 17 May 2016 ( UTC)
  14. This would cost many tens of thousands of pounds, and success seems unlikely to me, because the magnetism comes in discrete units, but I'm not au fait with modern computer forensics.
  15. Could somebody a bit more au fait with the issues take a look at the pages ( and the discussion at user talk : Ogg ) and see whether anything should be done.
  16. You can search public domain medical databases like " pubmed " if you like, but if you're not au fait with medical terminology and statistics what you find may be hard to interpret.
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