au contraire in a sentence

"au contraire" meaning  "au contraire" in Chinese  
  1. "I thought, ` Au contraire, "'
  2. Folks assumed Sheila died in the blaze, but au contraire.
  3. Au contraire, as they say in the City of Light.
  4. "Au contraire, ma chere, " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find au contraire in a sentence.
  7. Au contraire, I think most husbands are faithful in their fashion.
  8. Au contraire, according to Manhattan Borough Engineer Tony Golata.
  9. This time, au contraire, as the football coaches like to say.
  10. The report's clear message : au contraire, fellas . _ NINA BERNSTEIN
  11. And modern economists, au contraire, do not want so complex a vision.
  12. Elle sourit au contraire en apercevant un jeune homme qui s avance vers elle.
  13. Au contraire, Ms . Karan said.
  14. Au contraire : she's really just this switched-on babe with mojo.
  15. Au contraire ( which is French for " Shut up ! " ).
  16. Au contraire, " she said recently over lunch at a Union Square cafe.
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