attractively in a sentence

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  1. On paper, it all sounds like an attractively unconventional package.
  2. The only thing framed more attractively than Banderas is the artillery.
  3. I can find a lot of stocks that are attractively priced.
  4. "It's an attractively priced issue ."
  5. There are a number of options that can be used attractively.
  6. It's difficult to find attractively in a sentence.
  7. They want to find works of art that are attractively priced.
  8. I wanted to collect the past, and rearrange it attractively.
  9. Whatever you decide to serve, present it colorfully and attractively.
  10. Product placement is a very attractively priced way to do that,
  11. Those who outlived him seem to regard his end as attractively melancholy.
  12. We think retail stocks are attractively priced at these levels,
  13. Both are seen as attractively priced following a six-week slide.
  14. Dynex is attractively priced and has been one of our best performers,
  15. He said chemical shares are among the most attractively priced.
  16. It's attractively tart and, appropriately, a touch mysterious.
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