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  1. Just like there was not much significance attatched to his 16th straight road victory.
  2. I have attatched this quarter to duct tape and put it on my deck.
  3. So, a list would be most appreciated, especially if pictures are attatched.
  4. More importantly it doesn't seem to actually be attatched to any cell.
  5. Is it possible to remote-control such a plane if the things were attatched?
  6. It's difficult to find attatched in a sentence.
  7. "There was a drop-dead date attatched to that order, " he said.
  8. The strange thing is, his head is not attatched to his shoulders, but under his arm.
  9. Of course, the easiest solution is to buy in person from a professional store, which also means strings attatched.
  10. To the Black Mountain tow, Whitney attatched those hundred shovel handles for skiers to grab onto for a ride up the hill.
  11. On the topic of " no strings attatched ", you might want to think twice about the costs of buying them online.
  12. :Nothing theological at least, I don't know if LDS denomination has some sort of rules with inherent consequences attatched.
  13. Skiers are attatched to the dogs via harnessing equipment which has been designed and manufactured by the Dale-Mesaros All Terrain Dog company.
  14. Spring is the time to renew the wire and set the feeder once again in mid-air, attatched to its squirrel-proof skyhook.
  15. It was attatched to France until about 10, 000 years ago, when the post-ice age melting caused sea level rise and flooding.
  16. If a tiny camera were programmed to take pictures and attatched to the plane while it is launched straight-up, how far would one see?
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