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  1. Claremont defensive back Audie Attar was UCLA's top recruiter.
  2. El Geioushy finished with five goals as did Ahmed el Attar.
  3. Attar was worshipped in Southern Arabia in pre-Islamic times.
  4. Peter Timothy Attar was metropolitan of Amid from 1870 to 1873.
  5. Attar, 32, said that it might also be their last.
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  7. Attar shouted as he was led from the courtroom by police officers.
  8. Al-Attar said, his hazel eyes shiny with welled tears.
  9. Either Audie Attar or Jason Stephens will replace Anderson in the lineup.
  10. Attar, who struggled in pass coverage, was converted to linebacker.
  11. Attar's head hangs as if the world is closing in.
  12. Attar was a member of Hamas before joining the Palestinian security services.
  13. Arafat left Thursday for Britain without approving Attar's death sentence.
  14. Mohammed el-Attar, a Yemeni journalist in Aden said Thursday.
  15. Jordanian businessman Mohannad Attar, 38, said in Amman.
  16. Just tell us, " says al-Attar.
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