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  1. Here they purchased wool and attar of roses and above all silk.
  2. According to the attar of roses of Egypt was manufactured in the province.
  3. Instruments for distillation of attar of roses are also displayed in the carpet hall.
  4. In 1990 Bulgaria was the world's largest exporter of attar of roses, used in making perfume.
  5. Besides attar of roses, Kazanlak produces rose-scented toilet waters and facial creams, rose-flavored jam and even rose wine.
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  7. After the ice cream, he insists that she comes up to his apartment, to see his home and receive an attar of roses, " for remembrance ".
  8. Although only about 30 miles long, this well-sheltered valley produces most of the world's attar of roses : an essence used in perfumes and made by boiling and distilling rose petals.
  9. When she gained strength and returned, she introduced with renewed vigor her moving " Attar of Roses " sermon, based on the Song of Solomon, with its Rose of Sharon as the mystical Body of Christ.
  10. Rose perfumes are made from rose oil, also called " attar of roses ", which is a mixture of volatile essential oils obtained by steam-distilling the crushed petals of roses, a process first developed in Iran ( Persia ).
  11. Attar narrated that Bishr had lived a life of dissipation, and one day, as he was staggering along the road drunk, he found a piece of paper on which was written,  In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate .  Bishr is said to have bought an attar of roses and perfumed the paper with it, and then deposited it reverently in his house.
  12. He is critical of perfumes : " Perfumes are the most pointless of luxuries, for pearls and jewels are at least passed on to one's heirs, and clothes last for a time, but perfumes lose their fragrance and perish as soon as they are used . " He gives a summary of their ingredients, such as attar of roses, which he says is the most widely used base.

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