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  1. Panthers general manager Bryan Murray said when told of Attarian's comments.
  2. Attarian examined Bure when the team returned to Florida.
  3. Attarian said " a lot of information was never made public ."
  4. Attarian didn't examine Bure until the team returned to Florida a few days later.
  5. Attarian said his comments were taken out of context and in some cases, were misquoted.
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  7. Attarian said he knew a second reconstruction was necessary but Bure wanted to try to play on the injury.
  8. Chatsworth trekker David Attarian keeps a phone in his rucksack but realizes his chances of calling out may be slim.
  9. In fact, the discovery was known by only three people _ Attarian, Murray and team president Bill Torrey.
  10. The operation will likely be scheduled for early August, Attarian said in a statement released by the team Thursday.
  11. It's a " nagging, over-use injury, " said Panthers team orthopedist David Attarian.
  12. Bure was diagnosed with a muscle strain Feb . 5 that could have actually been a partial tear, Attarian said.
  13. John Attarian, a free-lance writer in Ann Arbor, Mich ., has a Ph . D . in economics.
  14. Vanbiesbrouck's injury is a " nagging, overuse injury, " according to the Panthers'orthopedist, David Attarian.
  15. Attarian said that when he performed arthroscopic surgery on Bure's knee last month he could see that the original reconstructive surgery had failed.
  16. The out-patient operation, set for sometime between Aug . 1-7, should take less than one hour, according to Attarian.
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