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  1. Promoters had a backup, Tommy Attardo of Boston, ready to fight Lacy.
  2. Salvatore Attardo believes that puns are verbal humor.
  3. But Attardo could not provide documentation of his medical tests in time for the bout.
  4. Attardo believes that only puns are able to maintain humor and this humor has significance.
  5. Michael J . Attardo, general manager of IBM's Microelectronics Division, said in a statement.
  6. It's difficult to find attardo in a sentence.
  7. He has collaborated with the linguists Raskin and Attardo on their General Theory of Verbal Humour ( GTVH ) classification system.
  8. Several years later the SSTH was incorporated into a more expansive theory of jokes put forth by Raskin and his colleague Salvatore Attardo.
  9. Attardo said he expects to see laptop computers, subnotebooks and entry-level desktop machines as the first products of this agreement in Asia.
  10. Attardo is very game but he doesn't belong in with Thompson, who is a hot prospect promoted by Cedric Kushner . ..
  11. The U . S . guidelines also stipulate that Michael Attardo, former executive with IBM, will be appointed to ASML's board of supervisors.
  12. How can any commission allow South Boston's Tommy Attardo in the same ring with undefeated welterweight prospect Anthony Thompson ( 5-0, 3 KOs )?
  13. Robert Attardo, the department lawyer specializing in disclosure matters who handled the Jastech case, said that to his knowledge the legal theory advanced by Shulman and Etter was unique.
  14. "It's one-stop shopping, " said Michael Attardo, general manager of IBM Microelectronics, noting that he expects to be able to speed the growth of the PowerPC and Mac market.
  15. The Winter Hill Gang quickly disbanded in the early 2000s after many of the federal indictments failed to stick due to a lack of evidence and cooperating witnesses, making room for younger predecessors like Tommy " Two Guns " Attardo, Sean " Irish Car Bomb " McKenna, and Mickey " Mean Machine " Murphy to join the ranks.

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