attack plan in a sentence

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  1. As a result, they came to know about the Portuguese attack plans.
  2. Of course, those attack plans work only if the shots are accurate.
  3. The Simba were decisively defeated and abandoned attack plans on Kasai.
  4. "Bush told me that he harbors no attack plans, " he told Handelsblatt.
  5. This caught Zhu by surprise, as Duan's four-prong attack plan left Daliang defenseless.
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  7. "We do have an attack plan, but I can't give you any details,"
  8. Of course, because Anderson's words and deeds fit nicely into Fehr's attack plan.
  9. The contribution of the specialists tilted the Sedan attack plan into Guderian's favour.
  10. The details of the foiled attack plan were also not disclosed.
  11. Portland hasn't been shy about its attack plan for Game 2.
  12. Grimlord's Skugs steal the sword from the Troopers and prepare his attack plan.
  13. In pre-emptive strikes in Java, the unit thwarted attack plans to material assembly.
  14. The three submarines exchanged contact information and coordinated attack plans throughout the patrol.
  15. Hearing the fall of the Buda castle, Welden renounced to his attack plans.
  16. Farther south, another patrol foiled an apparent rocket attack plan.
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