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  1. New exploits are created all the time for the same attack patterns.
  2. I question their analysis of this as an " attack pattern ", though.
  3. DShield data is regularly used by researchers to analyze attack patterns.
  4. Attack Patterns are structured very much like structure of Design patterns.
  5. "' External "'attack patterns include attacks such as Slammer worm to propagate itself.
  6. It's difficult to find attack pattern in a sentence.
  7. To obfuscate their attacks, attackers can use polymorphic shellcode to create unique attack patterns.
  8. Furthermore, attack patterns could differ for prey of different sizes.
  9. The Buffer Overflow Attack Pattern is a good example.
  10. Mechagodzilla 2, however, seems to block less, in favour of a more aggressive attack pattern
  11. Enemies themselves vary in strength, size and attack pattern.
  12. For 5 hours, " Jones " ran 12 attack patterns, dropping some 57 depth charges.
  13. Maskers are dressed in various outfits and colors, which determines their strength and attack pattern respectively.
  14. Attack patterns are often used for testing purposes and are very important for ensuring that potential application.
  15. Each beast has his own attack pattern.
  16. Nevertheless, I have removed that regex until I figure out a better solution for this common attack pattern.
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