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  1. The rate of change of the period and the atmospheric abundances show that the star is crossing the instability strip for the second time.
  2. Developed nations ceased the production and use of chlorofluorocarbons and the atmospheric abundance and consequent ozone depletion are generally on the decrease . ozone hole Breaking-off of polar ice shelves is a continuing process with increases in Western Antarctica balanced by decreases in Eastern Antarctica.
  3. Heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and others have increased in atmospheric abundance due to human industrial activities driving a global trend of atmospheric warming (, and exceed levels of the past 650, 000 years as measured by ice cores from Antarctica.
  4. This index is a measure of the inter-annual changes in conditions that affect carbon dioxide emission and uptake, methane and nitrous oxide sources and sinks, the decline in the atmospheric abundance of ozone-depleting chemicals related to the Montreal Protocol . and the increase in their substitutes ( hydrogenated CFCs ( HCFCs ) and hydrofluorocarbons ( HFC ).
  5. where TH is the time horizon over which the calculation is considered; a x is the radiative efficiency due to a unit increase in atmospheric abundance of the substance ( i . e ., Wm  " 2 kg  " 1 ) and [ x ( t ) ] is the time-dependent decay in abundance of the substance following an instantaneous release of it at time t = 0.
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