at this stage in a sentence

"at this stage" meaning  "at this stage" in Chinese  
  1. Vietnamese and Thai cooks favor mangoes at this stage of ripeness.
  2. We believe that Prada is the logical choice at this stage.
  3. Everyone thought Venus would be the better player at this stage,
  4. Nigeria appears to have advanced further than Cameroon at this stage.
  5. Srinath at this stage had captured two wickets for six runs.
  6. It's difficult to find at this stage in a sentence.
  7. At this stage in my life I hardly ever get angry.
  8. There are only six Democrats who are leaving at this stage.
  9. This new element changes nothing at this stage of the inquiry.
  10. At least they sound traditional at this stage of the game.
  11. My leg feels pretty good at this stage of the game.
  12. Potatoes can be frozen at this stage and thawed before baking.
  13. There is no point in lending more money at this stage.
  14. He throws a little better than Cade did at this stage.
  15. Every move we make at this stage is a bold move,
  16. This is as honest as anyone can be at this stage,
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