at the party in a sentence

"at the party" in Chinese  
  1. There is always someone at the party who is thinner and prettier.
  2. Have the first meeting with a prospective caterer at the party site.
  3. She is scheduled to address a news conference at the party office.
  4. But she was quickly eliminated from the field at the party convention.
  5. Suu Kyi left home Friday to meet supporters at the party office.
  6. It's difficult to find at the party in a sentence.
  7. Police responded to reports of a fight at the party late Friday.
  8. One of the attendees at the party is Ben . ..
  9. They figured we were someone if we were at the party.
  10. Kalich said having children at the party makes it more fun.
  11. In 1949 she began a new life at the party dictatorship.
  12. They were arrested at the party headquarters of politicians killed Tuesday.
  13. The final showdown with Milosevic will be at the party congress,
  14. The crowd at the party soon join them in their dance.
  15. Police already were at the party scene following a noise complaint.
  16. The winner was to be chosen by Vaara at the party.
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