at the pains in a sentence

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  1. Barbara Craig said, bracing at the pain of receiving the news alone.
  2. She works scheduling patients at the Pain Center at JFK Medical Center.
  3. I'm just so incredibly shocked at the pain Scientology can cause people.
  4. All content, including print, is freely available online at the Pain Physician website.
  5. This endearingly funny book looks at the pain of feeling unpopular.
  6. It's difficult to find at the pains in a sentence.
  7. The boy was surprised at the pain and suffering the movie-inspired prank had caused.
  8. "They scared me half to death, " she recalled now, laughing at the pain.
  9. Now she was spending 30 days at the Pain Center in Miami Valley Hospital.
  10. Buchanan fairly sighed at the pains of fate.
  11. One had only to look at the pain on his face to realize the true situation.
  12. He doesn't hint at the pain the character might be masking, but he doesn't really need to.
  13. Rather than go through another surgery, the 44-year-old Studio City resident turned to Marinaro at the Pain Relief Center.
  14. Hopefully they will lose their appetites when forced to look at the pain and suffering of dead birds ."
  15. Potkaj said Monday, as tears ran down her face . " Look at the pain you have caused his mother.
  16. "These measures can only be reversed at the pain of incurring diplomatic condemnation or, worse, trade retaliation, " he said.
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