at the pace of in a sentence

"at the pace of" in Chinese  
  1. "Hush " plods along at the pace of a bad head cold.
  2. "Bankruptcy doesn't proceed at the pace of cyberspace _ just the opposite,"
  3. But it still moves at the pace of a long, hot summer.
  4. What does trickle through moves at the pace of the ages.
  5. Constitutional reform in Burma is traveling at the pace of glue moving uphill,
  6. It's difficult to find at the pace of in a sentence.
  7. They resumed at the pace of one per year between 2002 and 2008.
  8. The UAW has said it's frustrated at the pace of plant-level contract negotiations.
  9. You can only go at the pace of the slowest person,
  10. Nolan followed at the pace of the slowest in his command.
  11. The man was angry at the pace of construction of his new home.
  12. Most folks simply don't evolve at the pace of computers.
  13. "We're certainly going to look at the pace of how we do this ."
  14. You must be committed to running at the pace of a visually impaired runner.
  15. At the pace of growth, it's inevitable that it will only become more notable.
  16. Jared is right at the pace of all the former quarterbacks at Florida State,
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