at short notice in a sentence

"at short notice" meaning  "at short notice" in Chinese  
  1. But full anti-SARS measures could be reactivated at short notice, he said.
  2. Its employees were fired at short notice, despite the labor law's requirements.
  3. Deployments on seabase around the globe, ready for deployment at short notice.
  4. However, a competing meeting forced ISMB to change venues at short notice.
  5. In Season 2 Shirley comes down to Fort Marshall at short notice.
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  7. He therefore asked for Operation Dracula to be re-mounted at short notice.
  8. We would then have to find a suitable alternative at short notice.
  9. Questions soon arose, however, and decisions had to be taken at short notice.
  10. Their trained armies stood ready to assist Awadh at short notice.
  11. Outside Belfast, you'll have little trouble finding rooms at short notice.
  12. Blue Triangle was given the task of organising emergency cover at short notice.
  13. The layout allows any employee to pack up and move at short notice.
  14. Bambous, the 2009 host, stepped in at short notice to hold the event.
  15. This could help a power emergency equipment at short notice in remote places.
  16. The event was arranged at short notice by Rays of Sunshine.
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