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  1. On average, the gestational age at presentation is about 7 8 weeks.
  2. She has worked as Curator at Presentation House Gallery since 2003.
  3. The most common sign at presentation is a mass lesion in the eye.
  4. Pat was a physical education teacher at Presentation College, Portlaoise up until recently.
  5. Published and peer-reviewed findings indicate that ST2 is a predictor of mortality at presentation.
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  7. After leaving school he trained as a Secondary School teacher at Presentation Brothers College.
  8. Severe hypotension at presentation is a grave prognostic indicator.
  9. Approximately 70 % of patients with ulcerative colitis will have moderately active disease at presentation.
  10. Summer Concert Series : Showtime is 7 p . m . at Presentation Point Amphitheater.
  11. Born in Killimordaly, County Galway, Ryan first excelled at hurling whilst at Presentation College, Athenry.
  12. Soon she was persuading corporate recruiters to buy doughnuts from her to serve at presentations.
  13. For me, I never look at presentation first,
  14. Born in Turloughmore, County Galway, Burke first excelled at hurling at school at Presentation College, Athenry.
  15. Eoin Ryan was educated at Presentation College, Bray, and later at Mount St . Joseph's College, Roscrea.
  16. Peterson's nervousness at presentations and gatherings would be a repeat occurrence on numerous occasions in the future.
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