at lightning in a sentence

"at lightning" in Chinese  
  1. Now, everyone can move, comparatively, at lightning speed.
  2. For the most part, they move at lightning speed.
  3. Thrashers at Lightning, 7 : 30 p . m.
  4. "I can move at lightning speed, " she said.
  5. I was usually up against three ghosts capable of moving at lightning speeds.
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  7. Thrashers at Lightning, 7 : 30 p . m . AtlantaThrashers . com
  8. Noted for his physical fitness, his campsite at lightning bolt in chalk.
  9. The bore baths at Lightning Ridge remain the same.
  10. More important, the market for advanced communication products is changing at lightning speed.
  11. From then on things moved at lightning speed.
  12. Any expectations of units flying off the shelf at lightning speed were not ours,
  13. The plate was among more than 600 items auctioned off Saturday at Lightning Auctions.
  14. The recovery effort has moved at lightning speed compared with Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
  15. Rubner says polymers grow at lightning speed.
  16. Now, a Web site does that at lightning speed and at almost no cost.
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