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"at level" in Chinese  
  1. Humans can detect capsaicin at levels of one part per million.
  2. Usually, it's found at levels below federal limits.
  3. But the researchers found trouble even at levels below 7 percent.
  4. At levels exceeding 200, even healthy people may feel unwell.
  5. Both indexes are now trading at levels last seen in October.
  6. It's difficult to find at level in a sentence.
  7. Blue chips were trading at levels not seen since October 1997.
  8. The Nasdaq is trading at levels not seen since May 2002.
  9. Plant floors were located at levels 8, 32 and 33.
  10. Fares are presently subsidised at levels lower than local commercial services.
  11. I was almost at level pegging when the pass was made.
  12. He taught classes at levels from freshman to advanced graduate study.
  13. At level 1, it will prevent access to mismatched files.
  14. The state association of Bavaria starts its pyramid at level four.
  15. The other league at level three is the Torneo Federal A.
  16. At Level 2 a square is a special type of rectangle.
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