at length in a sentence

"at length" meaning  "at length" in Chinese  
  1. He loves to talk about America _ at length and with gusto.
  2. He said the issue had been discussed at length in the talks.
  3. Jamison said he and his colleagues discussed the Curren case at length.
  4. We have discussed it with them at length and disagree with them.
  5. It was a case of two brothers talking it over at length,
  6. It's difficult to find at length in a sentence.
  7. In a recent interview Braverman spoke at length about his artistic aims.
  8. He can expound at length on innovations in potties and booster seats.
  9. But the president himself has not spoken at length on the plan.
  10. And they will tell you so at length if you invite them.
  11. Both scenarios will no doubt be discussed at length in Chicago Sunday.
  12. Several different methods for selecting electors are described at length below.
  13. This book dealt at length about rural indebtedness and agricultural finance.
  14. None of those issues were discussed at length at the summit.
  15. Club officials planned to meet at length with Rodriguez on Wednesday.
  16. He met at length with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone on Friday.
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