at leisure in a sentence

"at leisure" meaning  "at leisure" in Chinese  
  1. If they wish to divorce in haste, they can repent at leisure.
  2. Aircraft normally cannot stop in mid-air to ascertain their position at leisure.
  3. The normal practice is to arrive in the match city at leisure,
  4. I will shop for my eternal address at leisure and in person.
  5. It seems odd to see Schaap, 63, at ease and at leisure.
  6. It's difficult to find at leisure in a sentence.
  7. Gumbel has been a man at leisure for the past year.
  8. Rumsfeld, 68, had a successful private career and could have retired at leisure.
  9. Through encountering her in her job, at leisure or from prowling the area.
  10. Lartigue was from a noble family, and he captured society people at leisure.
  11. People are at leisure to develop themselves intellectually, esthetically and emotionally.
  12. KLM spokesman Hugo Baas said the offer is targeted primarily at leisure travelers.
  13. At this stage, the kantha can be folded and stitched at leisure time.
  14. The still alive creature was left to be collected at leisure.
  15. At night, warships came down to shell our beachhead at leisure.
  16. After 1880, he rarely featured genteel women at leisure, focusing instead on working women.
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