at least one in a sentence

"at least one" in Chinese  
  1. Each company had completed at least one client-server installation.
  2. At least one network has been trying to expand his exposure.
  3. Viacom has already responded to at least one of the suggestions.
  4. And Avendano thought there could be at least one more vote.
  5. Then the project must clear at least one more regulatory hurdle.
  6. It's difficult to find at least one in a sentence.
  7. At least one civic leader blamed the supervisors for the expense.
  8. In at least one instance, Ito himself appeared to agree.
  9. We have to force turnovers and score at least one touchdown.
  10. At least one might be well advised to work from home.
  11. But in at least one instance, the potential was obvious.
  12. Sales increased 6 percent for stores opened at least one year.
  13. Meanwhile, at least one Democrat refused to surrender power prematurely.
  14. But on at least one issue, their views are identical.
  15. And at least one starter expresses alarm at the general effort.
  16. But at least one young man in Podolsk spoke of duty.
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