at law in a sentence

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  1. Hamami highlighted the tendency for suspects to lash out at law enforcers.
  2. Without incorporation, the company could neither sue nor be sued at law.
  3. FRANCE BUCAR, 79, Attorney at Law . _ Parliamentary Speaker from 1990-1992.
  4. She worked as a high school teacher at law degree in 1976.
  5. Unions have denounced the arrests as illegal and targeted at law-abiding activists.
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  7. If it were pointed at law-enforcement officials, the result could be devastating.
  8. She started writing after many years at law school and at Warner.
  9. Davies was probably the brother of Sir John Davies, Serjeant at law.
  10. Washington should be applauded for its greater attempt at law and order.
  11. She became pregnant with her first child, Amanda, while at law school.
  12. He is a partner at law firm of Angones, McClure & Garcia.
  13. He is a former County Judge and County Court at Law Judge.
  14. This decision later convinces Sondra to resume her studies at law school.
  15. In 2001 he became an Attorney at Law and obtained the respective certificate.
  16. And political science majors often pass months photocopying and faxing at law firms.
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