at last in a sentence

"at last" meaning  "at last" in Chinese  
  1. At last check 114 such children were available for permanent homes.
  2. At last he had written a novel on his own terms.
  3. Was the whole sorry saga at last over and done with?
  4. Clinton and the Democrats at last are about to knuckle under.
  5. I am so relieved that justice has at last been done,
  6. It's difficult to find at last in a sentence.
  7. The hits enabled her to get her bills paid at last.
  8. There are signs that online advertising is at last picking up.
  9. At last they are going to let us live in peace,
  10. At last we could make things other than bombs and barracks.
  11. Could the generals who misrule Myanmar at last be softening up?
  12. At last it was solved and Krimps could finally go home.
  13. Here they at last find common ground _ free on all.
  14. The Philly final that most everyone expected is here at last.
  15. But at last the end of the peers is in sight.
  16. Gallegos was obviously relieved to see the sanitation truck at last.
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