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"at issue" meaning  "at issue" in Chinese  
  1. Citigroup was involved in six of the arbitration cases at issue.
  2. The pipelines at issue are known as gathering or flow lines.
  3. The documents at issue were distributed to numerous individuals within Microsoft,
  4. The principle at issue is the constitutional prohibition against double jeopardy.
  5. At issue was whether Lee ever promised to do the movie.
  6. It's difficult to find at issue in a sentence.
  7. Campaign finance is not directly at issue in the Minnesota case.
  8. Also at issue is what Clinton himself knew about the payments.
  9. At issue is one of the most delicate areas of medicine.
  10. At issue are competing approaches to cutting the federal budget deficit.
  11. The provisions at issue are appropriately aimed at reducing that threat.
  12. At issue is who paid for the airfare and hotel accommodations.
  13. At issue are contracts with reprocessing plants in France and Britain.
  14. But far more is at issue than vengeance and personal loyalty.
  15. At issue are productivity standards for both warehouse workers and truckers.
  16. AT ISSUE : What were the sources of the questionable donations?
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