at issue with in a sentence

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  1. Familiarity is not really at issue with these two.
  2. They come at issues with above-board purpose and a known history.
  3. At issue with Straczynski's climax to the arc, Quesada said, was
  4. At issue with the agency crest for the wilderness first aid certification which does not exist.
  5. At issue with piqued parents and edgy educators, however, is exactly how temporary its use is.
  6. It's difficult to find at issue with in a sentence.
  7. At issue with Chile is its innovation, the pin-bone-out ( deboned ) fillet.
  8. He works on fairly arcane topics, so what is at issue with his edits may not be immediately apparent.
  9. :: The matter at issue with the Giant's Causeway is not a " British Isles " dispute.
  10. At issue with the subsidiaries is an arcane element of federal cost-reporting rules known as related-party transactions.
  11. B shares ended marginally higher as retail demand offset overseas selling aimed at issues with weak earnings prospects, brokers said.
  12. It's not the swear words that are at issue with incivility, it's the unnecessary aggressiveness and rudeness.
  13. At issue with Webber is both the total money package of the new contract, as well as the contract's length.
  14. At issue with the NCAA was whether a cinema class he took at Fairfax met the requirement of a fourth-year English class.
  15. However, criticism was directed at issues with the game's frame rate and performance, and the way Bandai Namco handled the Western launch.
  16. The point at issue with Somalia was the Ogaden region, an area that Mogadishu claimed as part of the colonial partition of the Horn of Africa.
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