at irregular intervals in a sentence

"at irregular intervals" in Chinese  
  1. He acknolwedged, however, that he fulfilled his Guard duties at irregular intervals.
  2. The species has an extended rhizome which produces stems at irregular intervals.
  3. The publication was continued by his descendants at irregular intervals until 1805.
  4. The paper has since been printed at irregular intervals in neighboring Kyrgyzstan.
  5. Runners in the marathon complained that refreshments were served at irregular intervals.
  6. It's difficult to find at irregular intervals in a sentence.
  7. The parts were issued at irregular intervals, two parts constituting a volume.
  8. The letters were printed at irregular intervals until April 23, 1803.
  9. The newspaper has since been printed at irregular intervals in Kyrgyzstan.
  10. Seven issues were published at irregular intervals between 1961 and 1968.
  11. The fortification has 68 bastions ( towers ) at irregular intervals.
  12. Later, both adults hunt for food and visit the chick at irregular intervals.
  13. The two phenomena constantly alternate back and forth, following each other at irregular intervals.
  14. These audio updates have since been released at irregular intervals.
  15. Your 401 ( k ) statement is consistently late or comes at irregular intervals.
  16. Of these at irregular intervals published yearbooks at total was published of five volumes.
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