at intervals in a sentence

"at intervals" meaning  "at intervals" in Chinese  
  1. The chambers in a noborigama are pierced at intervals with stoking ports.
  2. Some storages would have multiple faucets located at intervals along the stairway.
  3. It awards the prestigious Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize at intervals of several years.
  4. Assignments are completed throughout the course at intervals determined by the centre.
  5. On the western bank trenches were dug at intervals between the posts.
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  7. Three large circular platforms at intervals along the pavement allow for rest.
  8. These illustrations only appear at intervals rather than on every second page.
  9. The cushioning had a four pointed star engraved into it at intervals.
  10. Ivan VI Frankopan lived in Sweden at intervals between 1420 and 1430.
  11. The curved ridge is exterior crowned with five kalasa finials at intervals.
  12. Trenches are located at intervals across a site leaving the rest untouched.
  13. Wires strung at intervals across the fields deterred the birds of prey.
  14. He plays it at intervals, and Pierson listens intently for the reply.
  15. Leaves are arranged in whorls of four at intervals on the stem.
  16. His progress is monitored by divers stationed at intervals on the way down.
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