at interval in a sentence

"at interval" in Chinese  
  1. Readings from the satellites can be snagged at intervals you set.
  2. Small cups of cigarettes were placed at intervals along the table.
  3. The phenomenon occurs at intervals ranging from 20 to 40 minutes.
  4. Steamboat geyser erupts at intervals of five days to fifty years.
  5. At intervals, they showed Ma what they'd written.
  6. It's difficult to find at interval in a sentence.
  7. Teams started at intervals and shared the pace until the end.
  8. Water reaching them in some instances at intervals of years only.
  9. The bombers were staged at intervals parallel to the French coast.
  10. Clips from the song are played at intervals throughout the film.
  11. This is an infrequent process and occurs at intervals of years.
  12. During the speech the hunchback bangs his stick rhythmically at intervals.
  13. The regular Samyak ceremony is held at intervals of 12 years.
  14. Parties of 40 to 60 children were sent out at intervals.
  15. The latter are found at intervals along the route outlined above.
  16. There is a grid pattern bonded to each layer at intervals.
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