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  1. Fernandes next fight was at Interim ONE Bantamwight Championship.
  2. Even before they get involved in negotiations for a new owner, they can look at interim uses.
  3. Washington has sent a team of officials to look at interim office space and study where the new, permanent embassy will be located.
  4. The Lakshya was formally inducted into the services by CAS AY Tipnis, on 9 November 2000 at Interim test range ( ITR ) Chandipur.
  5. The closest British Steel ever came to earning 450 million pounds was at interim results in 1989, when it posted pretax earnings of 423 million.
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  7. Sharon says violence must stop before he will start peace talks with Arafat, and is looking at interim accords but not a final peace treaty.
  8. Even if the two sides are unable to restart talks toward an overall peace treaty, Sharon is already hinting at interim steps that could break the ice.
  9. In addition to looking at interim modules to control the space station, Goldin said, NASA is also considering other options to keep construction close to its original schedule and cost.
  10. But he quickly added that " there has to be security for all the people of Sarajevo, " hinting at interim international monitoring by troops or police for Sarajevo.
  11. Even the conservative estimates would be a record : The closest British Steel ever came to earning 450 million pounds was at interim results in 1989, when it posted pretax earnings of 423 million.
  12. Dr . Michael Stocker, chief executive of Empire Blue Cross, said that the company was looking at interim space in Brooklyn and New Jersey, while it decided exactly where it would locate permanently.
  13. The series was first shown commercially in 1991, at Karsten Schubert Limited and then, in 1992, at Interim Art  two of the galleries that were pioneers in the development of the YBA art movement.
  14. Treanor said, " development of the management plan is two years off, so the department ( of Fish and Game ) is looking at interim management recommendations because we need to address this action ."
  15. On his way out, Offerman, who was jettisoned to make room for slugger Cliff Floyd, unleashed obscenity-laced outbursts first at interim general manager Mike Port, then at reporters, whom he blamed for his sorry demise.
  16. Julia Ryan, the American marketing director for Global Refund, said that problems like the one in Madrid led her company to negotiate with customs officials at airports in the European Union to make it easier to get validations at interim stops.
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