at instant in a sentence

"at instant" in Chinese  
  1. He spent six months at Instant-Dict for three seasons.
  2. The missile is always available, and at instant readiness.
  3. Please have a look at Instant mashed potato.
  4. Angus then went to get his first die and scored one point at instant.
  5. Another last chance at instant chemistry.
  6. It's difficult to find at instant in a sentence.
  7. He put you at instant ease,
  8. Referee Walt Coleman, after looking at instant replay, thought otherwise and reversed the call.
  9. "We're going to take a look at instant replay for next year.
  10. Iowa State-- McCarney might not want to look at instant replay of game at Iowa.
  11. Then she regained her bearings and concentrated on the task at hand, a whiz at instant intimacy.
  12. In early 2014, he was appointed as director for business development at Instant, the global flexible workspace specialist.
  13. Hate or Date-Audience Award at Instant Films for Best Film, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Script and Cast
  14. The concert was recorded at Instant Karma Club in Houston, Texas on September 4th 1999, and runs for 54 minutes.
  15. Long lines formed at instant-cash machines after banks were ordered to shut until next Monday to stop a panicked run on deposits.
  16. I'm not up on the technology there, but you might look into some of the clients at instant messenger # Cooperation.
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