at cross purposes in a sentence

"at cross purposes" meaning  "at cross purposes" in Chinese  
  1. *It seems that we're all talking at cross purposes to one another.
  2. Sure, he has on occasion been at cross purposes with US policy.
  3. At present, they are working at cross purposes, undercutting their common cause.
  4. In effect, the Treasury and the Fed are working at cross purposes.
  5. Then he and Jennifer crash the wedding, though they are at cross purposes.
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  7. "I hope HUD and the city aren't at cross purposes, " he said.
  8. Herschell is editing at cross purposes with the goal of wikipedia.
  9. In some cases, senior officers say, their goals could inadvertently act at cross purposes.
  10. Now that we are both discussing, we seem to be talking at cross purposes.
  11. "We're working at cross purposes, " the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
  12. Apparently we had been talking at cross purposes heretofore.
  13. But it turns out everybody is at cross purposes,
  14. :: Finally, again, we are at cross purposes here.
  15. However, working at cross purposes and sometimes just by being unlucky, none of them succeed.
  16. The 41-year-old Ingersoll was liberals writing at cross purposes.
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