at class in a sentence

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  1. He is playing now at Class AAA Buffalo, an Indians farm team.
  2. Jose Lopez, 18, is making an impression at Class A South Bend.
  3. After an awkward day at class, she asks him to stay back.
  4. Gary Ward, the hitting coach at Class AAA Charlotte, will replace Joshua.
  5. Payton's season at Class AAA Norfolk was ruined by recurring elbow problems.
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  7. At class, the boy saw a man's nose split open and bleeding.
  8. Rundles was 7-6 with a 2 . 43 at Class A Augusta.
  9. Bill Pulsipher is at Class AAA Norfolk, looking for a promotion.
  10. Dancing well requires more than attendance at class, it requires practice.
  11. Acta served as third base coach at Class AAA New Orleans last season.
  12. However, Norton had 38 errors playing third last year at Class AAA Nashville.
  13. The Rangers want him to start at Class A and develop some power.
  14. Oswalt spent 29 days at Class AAA New Orleans to start this season.
  15. -- Pitcher Mike James threw four scoreless innings at Class-A Lake Elsinore Tuesday.
  16. I think we still expect him to be at Class AAA this year,
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