at city hall in a sentence

"at city hall" in Chinese  
  1. We are as fallible as the guys at city hall . "'
  2. That inevitability will have to wait a little longer at City Hall.
  3. They are not showing up at City Hall or the Rotary Club.
  4. Eugene Sawyer once sat on the vaunted fifth floor at City Hall.
  5. Disillusioned supporters accuse him of nepotism in filling jobs at City Hall.
  6. It's difficult to find at city hall in a sentence.
  7. Giuliani made the announcement Friday at a news conference at City Hall.
  8. He angrily denounced the grumbling about corruption at City Hall as lies.
  9. Giuliani told reporters at a morning news conference at City Hall.
  10. Mayor Charles Luken said at a news conference at City Hall.
  11. These are the lines of people we see at City Hall.
  12. From the start, Wachs went his own way at City Hall.
  13. There were two large demonstrations at City Hall on 15 December.
  14. New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced her death at City Hall.
  15. Giuliani said at his daily news conference at City Hall Tuesday.
  16. Bwerazuva said during a brief conversation this week at City Hall.
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