at church in a sentence

"at church" in Chinese  
  1. Sometimes the photographs are juxtaposed against a shot of her at church.
  2. Two candlelight vigils were held Sunday night at churches near the campus.
  3. Similar protests were held at churches and Buddhist temples in the capital.
  4. We used it for tips and for the collection plate at church.
  5. Officials at Church Insurance Co . could not be reached for comment.
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  7. Then comes the misa de gallo ( Midnight Mass ) at church.
  8. Sanders also has given his testimony at churches in Cincinnati and Atlanta.
  9. Security at churches has been beefed up with extra patrols over Christmas.
  10. There was a group at church who thought very highly of him.
  11. Masses at churches in the Washington Archdiocese are celebrated in 22 languages.
  12. I am going to light a candle at church over this one.
  13. The family won tickets to the event in a lottery at church.
  14. There are only three other adults at church, and 27 children.
  15. Worshippers can get their parking garage tickets validated at church offices.
  16. Many in the neighborhood were at church when the explosion occurred.
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