at christmas in a sentence

"at christmas" in Chinese  
  1. Never more than at Christmas are love and money so tightly intertwined.
  2. Nobody goes caroling at Christmas and worries about getting poisoned egg nog.
  3. No one minds looking silly in a paper hat at Christmas dinner.
  4. The family had gumbo twice a week and every year at Christmas.
  5. And we believe the break at Christmas will be good for everyone.
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  7. The same green chargers are used at Christmas for another elaborate table.
  8. But how is this helpful to Christians who are alone at Christmas?
  9. It was at Christmas time or when they came over for dinner,
  10. The online search service sent more than 1 million greetings at Christmas.
  11. But PC sales at Christmas hardly set the cash registers on fire.
  12. Try to avoid the French school holidays at Christmas and in February.
  13. He would occasionally say hello and would play Santa Claus at Christmas.
  14. You can see sets of movies that will come out at Christmas.
  15. In the past many Palestinians were prevented from coming here at Christmas.
  16. The place is done up at Christmas with a lavish hand.
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