at choice in a sentence

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  1. You can put that stuff in the RAM or HD at choice.
  2. By some accounts, Zarkin's care at Choices was not all it should have been.
  3. After that, they use a remote control to click at choices on the TV screen.
  4. Here is a peek at choice events in museums, on college campuses and at outdoor amphitheaters.
  5. Several copild run side by side, each programmed to exhibit a different tendency at choice points.
  6. It's difficult to find at choice in a sentence.
  7. Studies looking at choice have found that increasing a participant's options and choices increases their intrinsic motivation.
  8. So those people who have had terribly frightening experiences, they need to look at choices they made.
  9. Several copies of Aaron could run side by side, each programmed to exhibit a different tendency at choice points.
  10. "Consent is the No . 1 problem, " said Anna Moretti, a lawyer at Choice in Dying in New York.
  11. "It is very broad, " said Anna Moretti, a lawyer at Choice in Dying, a right-to-die group in New York.
  12. At Choice Nails, Suzanne Garretson had her hand in a Heat'N Dry, after having her nails tipped and wrapped for $ 45.
  13. It's an electronic chip card good for an all-inclusive visit to the city _ everything included, from your room to dining at choice restaurants.
  14. A haven for celebrities and moguls who sat at choice tables, Spago barely acknowledged average people, who were escorted to the back room, if they were lucky.
  15. After only five months at Choice FM, he won his 1st best DJ award at the MOBO Awards ceremony, where he was approached by various radio stations.
  16. Generally speaking, the counselor should not try to make decisions for those they assist, but should help them look at choices, consequences and antecedents to the current situation.
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