at centre in a sentence

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  1. A key position player, Johnson was mostly used at centre half forward.
  2. He played six matches in the Cup tournament, starting five at centre.
  3. He was partnered at centre with Carl Aarvold, a former light blue.
  4. Morkel played at centre for Somerset West RFC and Transvaal in cricket.
  5. While at Centre, Cooper was accepted into the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.
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  7. His usual position is at fullback but he also plays at centre.
  8. The vice presidential debate was held on October 5 at Centre College.
  9. His debut at centre half, on the last day of the Leyton.
  10. The fall after he finished high school, Lanham enrolled at Centre College.
  11. Vinson was a member of the chapter in his years at Centre.
  12. Cheney and Lieberman debate Thursday night at Centre College in Danville, Ky.
  13. Certainly it was history for Spain at Centre Court over the weekend.
  14. Wayne Carey dominated at centre half forward and kicked two goals.
  15. The standing man at centre is likely the elder son ..
  16. CNN anchor Bernard Shaw will moderate the debate at Centre College.
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