at capacity in a sentence

"at capacity" in Chinese  
  1. They may do so even if those schools already are at capacity.
  2. "It is at capacity right now, or nearly so, " Black said.
  3. That factory, in Flat Rock, Mich ., is already running at capacity.
  4. Two adult amateur hockey leagues operate at capacity in the Houston area.
  5. Government officials have accused the companies of failing to produce at capacity.
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  7. Mexico City's current airport is operating at capacity and cannot be expanded.
  8. Valle del Oro RV Resort in east Mesa is also at capacity.
  9. Production facilities were at capacity and there was no room for expansion.
  10. Good schools that are doing well are pretty much at capacity already.
  11. These organizations operate at capacities ranging from first response to ALS transport.
  12. Strong demand for cars and trucks has many auto plants running at capacity.
  13. The dam harnesses the Colorado River, which is running at capacity.
  14. Hospitals were operating at capacity to keep up with the wounded.
  15. Auto makers operated at capacity, producing a record 1.7 million vehicles.
  16. The bus line that currently operates along Wilshire Blvd . runs at capacity.
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