at cafe in a sentence

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  1. Sales at cafes open at least a year are up 4 percent.
  2. Iraqis across the country watched it in their homes and at cafes.
  3. Streetspace last year installed similar terminals at cafes and shops in Berkeley.
  4. He would linger at Cafe Arbat and hunt compact discs at Sverdlov's Video.
  5. Over coffee at Cafe du Monde, the two shared their concerns.
  6. It's difficult to find at cafe in a sentence.
  7. On Monday, at cafe Aroma, Bar had to take her coffee and leave.
  8. Xe ` oave Zarela Martinez her first job as chef at Cafe Marimba.
  9. On the squares of Bergamo's old town, students sit at cafes.
  10. Over on Tinker Street, Bob Dylan once spent so much time at Cafe
  11. But not at Cafe Lares Organic Vegetarian Cuisine in Subang Jaya.
  12. When I first came here I worked as a waitress at Cafe Central,
  13. He sat down recently at Cafe Perrier to show some of Billington's Argentine malbecs.
  14. Shortly afterwards, she arrived at Cafe Happy where she worked temporarily attracting male customers.
  15. Instead of crowding at shopping malls, the youngsters could now hang out at cafes.
  16. In 2003, Foot and Russell Brand appeared in a double act at Cafe Royal.
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