at bus in a sentence

"at bus" in Chinese  
  1. Levi Strauss placed khaki pants under plastic shields at bus shelters.
  2. We have people being shot in broad daylight at bus stops.
  3. Inspector jailed 16 months for pointing pistol at bus driver, NEW
  4. The five women were abducted after accepting rides at bus stops.
  5. Later, the AT bus model was released for home users.
  6. It's difficult to find at bus in a sentence.
  7. And Cortines said he would not stop at bus ads.
  8. Armed police were stationed at bus stops throughout the city.
  9. The posts are to be situated at bus terminals and railway stations.
  10. Mobs threw rocks at buses parked outside the foreign ministry.
  11. Officers in the Sacramento area were stationed at bus terminals and airports.
  12. Bothered by the litter of expired Metrocards at bus stops and around turnstiles?
  13. Graffiti at bus stops read, " Kill the Jews !"
  14. The advocacy organization would like to see route information available at bus stops.
  15. Armed police with automatic rifles were stationed at bus stops throughout the city.
  16. The price hike prompted the Democratic Party to organise protests at bus stops.
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