at bristol in a sentence

  1. UNLUCKY AT BRISTOL : Geoff Bodine must feel snakebit at Bristol.
  2. UNLUCKY AT BRISTOL : Geoff Bodine must feel snakebit at Bristol.
  3. For example, we have never finished a race at Bristol,
  4. The low was last week at Bristol during a Busch race.
  5. He was wrecked by Bobby Hamilton at Bristol last Saturday night.
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  7. Like Kingsley, Rootham had been educated at Bristol Grammar School.
  8. In 2000, he secured his 50th career win at Bristol.
  9. However, he qualified 4th at Bristol and 9th at Richmond.
  10. The next week at Bristol he would wreck again finishing 20th.
  11. They are currently members of the and play at Bristol Road.
  12. The mint at Bristol produced rare threepences in 1644 and 1645.
  13. The Channellock 250 was held March 23 at Bristol Motor Speedway.
  14. Driving for Day Racing Enterprises, Sanders started 38th at Bristol.
  15. He resigned from his position at Bristol Rovers in February 2002.
  16. He is subsequently arrested by the Bow Street Runners at Bristol.
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